Blokart® was invented in 1999 by New Zealander Paul Beckett. A background in hang gliding and land sailing inspired Paul to build a serious wind-powered toy that was fun, fast and compact.

From small beginnings tinkering in a Papamoa, NZ garage to nearly two decades of watching a backyard passion evolve into a global sport, the Blokart community now extends all over the world.
Blokart continues to exceed our wildest expectations, connecting us with people we never expected who share our love of land sailing. For the recreational rider, Blokart has become a versatile pastime that allows them to sail wherever the wind takes them. For our competitive racers, Blokart provides a chance to meet other sailors and compete on a level playing field under our One Design rules. And for families looking for a weekend thrill, our range of accessories means everyone can get in on the fun.

We feel very fortunate to be part of this sailing revolution, and hope you join us—we know you'll enjoy the ride.


Paul, Matt & the Blokart team
Blokart HQ
Blokart International Ltd.
5c Macdonald St, Mount Maunganui 3116, New Zealand

NZ local phone: 0800 4 blokart (0800 4 2565278)
International phone: +64 7 572 4256

General inquiries: ash@blokart.com
Sales and marketing inquiries: ash@blokart.com
Online store support: store@blokart.com

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On any firm surface at least the size of four tennis courts. Examples include parking lots, grass fields, airstrips, beaches at low tide, deserts, and dry lake beds. Our Blokart ice blades accessory can also replace the wheels for winter sailing. Visit the Blokart locator page to find places to sail in your region.

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Blokart International Ltd. warrants that all Blokart products are free of manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials and that Blokart International Ltd. will repair or replace defective parts (excluding that caused by careless handling, accidents such as collisions, punctures, bearings and general wear and tear) for the period of 12 months from the date of purchase.
A note from the Blokart Team
Caution: The Blokart is a lightweight performance recreational/racing machine; it's designed to be used on a hard, flat surface. Although catalogues, ads and videos may depict Blokart riders engaged in extreme manoeuvres, it is not designed for all terrain use and this activity is extremely dangerous and will void your warranty. Whether you call it jumping, curbing, stunt riding, showing off, intentional tipping or whatever, any crash or other rapid stopping caused by solid objects (e.g. the ground, curbs, walls or other karts), can put extraordinary stress on your kart. This could "cause it to fatigue prematurely." Blokarts and their components have limitations with regards to strength and integrity, and this type of riding can exceed those limitations. So don't come crying to us. Doing this dumb stuff can cause serious injury or even death.