What is a Blokart?
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The Chassis
Durable Build
We know wind can often bring rough weather, so we made our Blokarts durable and rust resistant. All Blokarts come with a Pro Chassis frame, made from anti-corrosive, 304 stainless steel. Our karts are easy to clean, just give them a hose down after sailing. Each Blokart comes with maintenance tips and a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Innovative Design
Blokarts are ideal for new or experienced sailors because they are easy to learn, but challenging to master—they can sail in light winds, yet also reach high-performance sailing speeds of 55 knots, making them on par with even the foiling capabilities of America's Cup yachts. Nimble and maneuverable, all you need is a firm surface the size of four tennis courts to sail.

Compact Size
Our karts transport easily and can full pack down, including a mast and sail, into its own carry bag that measures just 0.78 by 1.18 meters. Each Blokart also comes with instructions for assembly in a matter of minutes without any special tools. This means our sailors can fit their karts into a car trunk for weekends away, or as checked airplane baggage for worldwide competitions.
Blo0150 pro blokart without mast   sail
Our sails come in four different sizes—2 m, 3 m, 4 m, and 5.5 meters—so you can swap sails according to the wind strength or sailor's body weight. All sails are made from dacron sail cloth, with reinforced mylar for the clear leach panels, and tapered fiberglass battens.

For new sailors who want to start with a single sail, we recommend our 4 meter sail. This is a great option for most wind speeds and body types. For more flexibility, we recommend having both the 5.5 and 3 meter sails. These two serve as an ideal companion set so you can alternate depending on the sailing conditions.
This chart shows how you can customise your sail depending on body weight and expected wind speeds.

Body Weight (kgs) vs. Wind Strength (knots)
Our masts are made up of sections that fit snugly together, making our karts easy to assemble, and to add or remove sections to accommodate various sail sizes. The base section of the mast, called the "butt," is the largest, followed by subsequently smaller sections called 3rds, 2nds, and a Tip at the top of the mast. We use three types of materials to construct our masts: Fiberglass, Carbon and Ultra Carbon.

  • Fiberglass: Strong, yet flexible, fiberglass mast sections make it easy to sail in light winds and are forgiving for better control in strong winds. This is why we recommend beginners start with a Fiberglass Combination Mast.
  • Carbon: These mast sections feature 600 grams of stiff carbon wrapped around a flexible fiberglass core. Carbon sections make the mast stiffer. By adding carbon sections to the base of the mast where most of the bend occurs (especially the "butt" and the next "3rd"), you can increase performance in windy conditions.
  • Ultra Carbon: Our Ultra carbon is composed of thicker carbon (900 grams), wrapped around a resilient fiberglass core. Using sections of this stiffest mast material can further increase performance, but may also be less forgiving in gusty conditions.

The ideal mast composition varies per person and depends on sailing conditions, sailing style and preference; no one set-up guarantees better performance than another.
Recommended Accessories
This device allows those over 6 ft tall to fit comfortably in a Blokart. It clamps over the keel tube to extend the chassis' available leg room.
Xfb0201 footbar extension
Mast Protector
Help prevent damage to your sail and mast if you tip over on rough surfaces like asphalt.

Xmp0106 foiled mast sleeve protector set
Wind Indicator
Know apparent wind direction at a glance with this lightweight device that clips onto your mast. It is especially useful for new sailors.
Xac0008 wind indicator
Try adding a POD for more comfortable and aerodynamic sailing. They protect against the elements and improve performance by reducing drag.
Xpd0116 1 pod complete
We have plenty more accessories to enhance your sailing experience. See more.
All karts include:
Blokart Bag
Every kart comes in its own carry bag, measuring 0.78 by 1.18 meters. The entire Blokart packs down for storage and easy transport.
Kart bag
Wheel axle sleeve
Slide these pieces over the wheels of your Blokart and they'll plug straight into your carry bag; take it anywhere like a rolling suitcase.
Axle slug
Owner's Manual
Each kit comes with full assembly and maintenance instructions to keep your craft in top shape.

All our karts come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. We will repair or replace any defective parts.

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