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From crossing Mongolia, to ice sailing in the Baltics, meet the Blokart® sailors who make our sport their passion.
Blokart Speed
Record At Ivanpah
Thank you: Scott Young for the superb footage
American Scott Young holds the latest Blokart speed record reaching a blistering 104 kmh (65 mph) on Ivanpah California's dry lake bed. The "Playa," also home to the 2012 and 2016 Blokart World Champs, is a frequent playground for Scott, his wife Patty, and their sailing crew. Whether it's practicing on their home turf of Red Lake, Arizona, or hauling across the dusty Playa attempting another record, Scott and the North American Blokart team know how to make the most of a windy day.
If you don't have sand in your face... you're not trying hard enough.
Blokarts on ice
Thank you: Torkel Stillefors for the fantastic videos
Below-freezing temperatures don't dissuade Swede Torkel Stillefors from tearing up the tarmac. From sailing in falling snow in Stockholm, to donning ice blades on frozen Lake Ullnasj√∂n, Torkel exemplifies the key to all weather sailing—a sturdy Blokart, good gloves, and a sense of humour.
Kiwis Karters
Conquer 90 Mile Beach
Video credit: TVNZ, One News
Back in New Zealand where it all began, colourful crafts and characters race on the Northland's 90 Mile Beach—one of the longest in the world, and officially an alternative national highway. The Auckland Blokart Club, including inventor Paul Beckett, skirt the surf to show off the highlights of beach sailing.
Mongolian Rally,
Blokart Style
Video credit: "Faut Pas Rever," France 3 / Editing Pascal SIMAR and copyright Philippe MAIRE
In the spring of 2007, 12 adventurers from France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, and New Zealand tackled the arid wilderness of Mongolia's famed Gobi desert in Blokarts. Relying only on wind power and GPS coordinates to traverse from one landmark to the next, the sailors crisscrossed 2,000 km in eight days. From sub-zero nighttime temperatures to the tire-popping 15 mm spikes of the native boxthorn bushes, this desert challenge was not for the thin-skinned.
Sailing into the
Record books
Thank you: Ross Vickers for the amazing footage
Professional sailor, Australian Ross Vickers describes his journey using a Blokart to set the first world record for farthest distance sailed in a land yacht in a 24-hour period. From physical preparation, including altitude acclimatisation, to the mental test of sailing solo at high speeds, Ross shares his story. The result: 246 nautical miles sailed, at an average speed of 25 knots, and a new record set in Smiths Creek, Nevada, USA.
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