Pulley Whip Shaft & Foam
$36.83 NZD
The Pulley Whip connects the sail to the Kart and absorbs the impact when the sail whips from one side to the other during a high speed gibe. They are designed to fracture rather than blow-out the sail. In the event of a broken Pulley Whip, the fibreglass shaft can be cut flush, re-drilled for the spring button (8mm hole) and reused. This can be done 2-3 times before replacing, however a split shaft (with a crack running up the length of the shaft) will need to be replaced. Note: For ultimate performance, our racers cut-down the shaft to 350mm to allow the sail to be sheeted-in more. This Pulley Whip only includes the foam pad so you can reuse your pulley and spring button. A complete option is available (BSC0206)
Bsc0106 pulley whip shaft foam spring button
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