Mast Protector - Foil Set
$79.07 NZD
The Blokart Foiled Mast Sleeve Protectors�s have been designed to help protect your valuable sail and mast in the event of a capsize. Highly recommended when sailing on hard surfaces and a must when loaning your Kart to beginners. Also essential for commercial operators with asphalt or concrete sites. Features include: � The unique design which allows the sail to rotate freely on the mast while offering maximum protection. This new design not only helps keep the sail fabric and batten pockets off the ground but they protect the mast tip and mast crane (if being used). � The design can assist the setting of the sail and rotation of battens in light air. � Available in sets of 5 pieces for all sail and mast configurations � Able to be used without the locating cord to eliminate drag and maximise performance.
Xmp0106 foiled mast sleeve protector set
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